Post Harvesting

five Simple checklists for coffee farmer
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Post-Harvesting Strategy is very important for those left over progresses in-term of specialty coffee quality. Since, I have been working with smallholders I found giving them too much rules and expectations may provoke them rather then learning how much attention they need. Just the right amount to stirring up excite feelings and passion to welcome a result which is 1% change in everyday while we are working together.

Therefore, I give them 5 simple checklists with equation in two weeks, letting them find out their’s own way to complete the task and manifest the outcome then jots down those information in his/her Training Workbook.

For sure, they can not immediately taste their own coffee right away to demonstrate the question I throw it for them. Nevertheless, after the season depends on which processing they have and after bean resting, we lead them to taste (cupping). And, the truth comes to light.

five simple checklists
  • Creating a timeline and farm map to control length and time between harvesting area and mint correlated with weight, to keep the cherry fresh basically = Aroma & Flavor
  • Installing Hygienic System to avoid any unexpected naughty bacteria and others contamination = Flavor
  • Selecting good and bad coffee cherry / It can be done by the machine = Flavor
  • Cleaning 2 times to clear out of dust and small creatures, and any others contamination = Flavor
  • Hand Pulping with less water as you can to make them soft not leashing out / Cleaning to make sure the skin is not attached to the parchment or mucilage = Flavor
key words

Maturity refers to a red ripe coffee cherry (This is a rule of thumb)

Time refers to freshness including taste and aromatic compound

Cleanliness refers to natural ingredient should be stored and handled correctly to avoid them from spread of unwanted bacteria or others contamination. In fact, we need specific habitat one for the fermentation to evidence a local flavor and keep this area secret and difference.

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