Comprehensive Coffee Cupping

3 Days (lecture & practice)

These days, we have learned about five primary taste sensations in coffee cupping and the cupping protocol relentlessly during the specialty coffee industry. However, do you actually know how to use your senses and perception toward SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) cupping form, sample roasted, and time, while you perform this event.

The primary stage of knowing this sensory activity is not only you can perfectly set-up a cupping table (Discipline), learning how to smell a coffee aroma in five cups (Sniff), sipping a liquid from the cup with your silver spoon (Slurp), finding what does it’s in there (Recall), then jotting down a number (Figure), but also the perception (Anchor) that related to every single component in the form so that you can double check your work.

This class will show you how to associate those activities you have been learning in cupping class divided by time multiple by conception that lays ahead in the format and coffee itself. Then we will leave you 15 mins for double check your work everyday during the class. It seems very easy but I spend my whole life in coffee industry to get this approach.

The sharpness on what you are doing during time allowance and knowing coffee profile is a key.

Outline: Class outline here

Material & Reading:

Duration: 3 Days (1 x Lecture & Practice / 1 x Practice / 1 x Practice & Sustain)

Place: Thailand (2 x times a year or as requested)

Cost: 1x,xxx THB per person (Min 5 people)

Requirement: Student should know basically coffee cupping either SCA Cupping Protocol or COE Protocol.

Student Support: If a student doesn’t understand the lesson for the first time. We do really understand that you need time to crystallize the idea and start asking to show you are learning. please keep your registration number starts with 0562-XXXX and re-registration then sit-in anytime you want when you know the class begins.

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