Coffee Skill Programs

“Experience gives you knowledge and that knowledge is what makes you experienced“.

Vivek Kothari – Philosopher, Adelaide, Australia

The Coffee Skill Programs are a partnership with CoLabOps set up in Bangkok, which promotes a higher level of coffee knowledge and standard through the Instructor’s specific experiences and a new way of teaching that differs from the traditional method. For more information about coffee skill programs, please email

water quality for coffee (1-day)

workshop by thomas jason ameloot

July 2022

Taught in English by Thomas Ameloot / …..

sample roast profile (2-day)

workshop by STEVEN

Sensory Lexicon (2-day)

November 21-22 (open enroll/ BANGKOK)

workshop by thomas jason ameloot

This course runs over two days to provide you with an understanding of the WCR Coffee Taster Flavor Wheel in 2015 and to be able to recognize the Sensory Lexicon Book published by the World Coffee Research. Thomas will lead the class step-by-step using the wheel and define single-class materials based on the WCR. 

coffee taster flavor wheel (1-day)


workshop by natchapat SONIA srichandr

Apparently, fragrance and aroma in roasted coffee are typically when we are discussing coffee cupping and brewing. For some reason, It is only a smell while we seem compelled to find it during a class, work, or quiz conversation at the coffee table in the morning.

This class will give you an odd science of aromaticity that every one of them is related by a simple molecule (Aromatic Ring). Expanding your knowledge in the olfactory system in the frontal lobe area for next time when you cupping as a fringe benefit.

Taught in Thai & English by Natchapat Sonia Srichandr / …..

comprehensive coffee cupping (2-Day)


workshop by natchapat SONIA srichandr

Coffee Cupping, we have been taught about this sensory technique relentlessly, especially during a specialty coffee era. However, do you know how to use your six senses and understand SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) cupping form, sample roasted, and time while performing this activity. It is not just for you to learn to drink a liquid from your cupping spoon or find what it’s in there and write your note on the form. Every single component is related so that you can double-check your cupping.

The sharpness of what you are doing during a time allowance and getting to know the coffee in front of you is better and wiser.

Taught in Thai & English by Natchapat Sonia Srichandr / …..

espresso cupping (italian bona fide)

workshop BY

More than a strong taste and feeling when you sip a small cup of espresso with economic time, a class that answers a whole picture about espresso beverage shows Body, Flavor, Aroma, Aftertaste, and Aspect as a global standard should.

This is not a new comprehension, but freeze out when a day job is bustling and you need direction.