Coffee Trips

The excellence coffee entertaining program which provides you a coffee knowledge and emotional experience in coffee farms where you can choose a coffee plantation to stay: Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son, and Chumphon.

thailand coffee trips

A famous destination and renowned coffee plantation that represents a coffee culture in Thailand beside Bangkok.

Program is coming soon after Covid-19

A huge coffee plantation with high technology coffee processing plant where you can find in Southeast Asia.

Program is coming soon after Covid-19

This coffee plantation is a newest coffee farming where we are working with this year (2021). We have an opportunity from the chief of the village, asking us to improve a coffee quality. Even though this neighborhood is brand new for us to work with, they already acquired a principle of coffee knowledge from the innovator.

Program is coming soon after Covid-19

The South of Thailand where you can smell the sea breezes and learning coffee culture in the coffee farm with southern dialect and spicy foods.

Program is coming soon after Covid-19

international coffee trips

Hawaii, usa

java, sumatra, and flores indonesia coffee trip

antigua, guatemala coffee trip

Partner up with Zachary Latimore (Zolitude Coffee)

sao paulo, Brazil coffee trip