Project I

project i: coffee processing volunteer

(life-work experience degree)

Most admired project for our group, the task itself delivered support volunteer needs a specific coffee knowledge such as small farm production system, value chain, and understanding coffee farmer livelihoods.

This project, volunteer will collaborate with a crew member and coffee farmer included daily work that focuses on time, people, and material, for example, pick a ripe coffee cherry, coffee processing derived from major element of coffee cherry and plantation, fermentation watch, and drying-beds watch.

Volunteer need to be able to work well with the team, strong work ethic and skills, for instance, time management, act and rule, conference, jotting, mastered, cooking, brew coffee, sharing knowledge, compassion, teamwork, take care of your room or space, live your life, make yourself at home, and skip social if you can.

Further information, feel free to passing on the word to

  • Requirements: Minimum 15 days,
  • Project Offer: December to March
  • Number of Person: 3 people per harvest per year
  • Coffee Plantations: Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai
  • Distribution: A donation is a gift for living

open volunteer application: december 01′ 2021