Q Courses & Exams

by colabops and coffee quality institute (CQI), USA

It is our belief that education is the beginning of success. We formed a team with Thomas Jason Ameloot – Q Instructor (Colabops) and started a Q Program in Thailand with Bluekoff Education Center (Bangkok). To let coffee farmers and people know that specialty coffee education is essential for the global specialty coffee industry, our educator is dedicated to creating a conducive learning environment, encouraging excellent communication about specialty coffee and protocol as a universal language, and emphasizing practical application.           

Q programs in Thailand

Nov 05 Q Arabica Calibration
Nov 07-12 Q Arabica Combo
Nov 15-20 Q Robusta Combo
meet your instructor
  • 25 years of experience in Beverage and Coffee industry worldwide
  • Founder and chair of the SCA Coffee Taster Committee (USA)
  • AST in all pathways for SCA Coffee Skills Program
  • Lead Instructor for 15 SCA-organized events worldwide
  • Visit www.colabops.com
Jan 16-21 Q Processing Professional LV. 2
Jan 14-15Q Processing Generalist LV. 1
Jan 23-24Intro to Post-Harvest
Jan 25-26Coffee Fermentation
meet your instructor
  • Q Processing Expert Cohort 1 / Q Grader
  • Agronomists
  • Director at California Coffee Estates / Agronomists
  • Co-Founder & Director of Exportadora Capricornio Coffees
  • www.capricorniocoffees.com
Nov 2022Sample Roasting
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  • Barista Training and Management
  • Espresso Fundamentals / Latte Art
  • Marketing and Wholesale Support / Green Coffee
  • SCA Barista & Brewing
  • Sample Roasting / Roast Profile / Blend Development
  • Visit www.colabops.com
October 2022Coffee Taster Flavor Wheel
meet your instructor
  • 10 years in the specialty coffee industry
  • Q Assistant Instructor / Q Educator
  • Sensory-Olfactory / Cupping
  • Coffee Farmer Supporting and Developing
  • Q Projects and Q Programs
  • Visit www.colabops.com / www.coffeeproducergroups.org