“Give work with your heart and you will get back as many a threefold increase”.

Sonia Natchapat Srichandr – Coffee Educator, (Thailand/USA)

Visit our pure and honest coffee plantation with your encouragement

coffee volunteer opportunity

This possibility is a life time experience to learn about coffee, people, culture, and yourself among the forest in Northern (Arabica Coffee) and coffee farming in Southern (Robusta Coffee), Thailand.

Volunteer with coffee farmer is a great way to add value, happiness, and participation. When you volunteer with them, you are a part of their work and life that allows you to create a truly meaningful of sharing and caring. The effects of volunteer is a real impact in the lives of coffee farmer itself and family members who you are volunteering with.

Benefit of volunteering in coffee farm

Is there any benefit for the volunteer? Yes, volunteering makes you feel good and grounded, improve your ability to think and address a problem, helping yourself and others to add to your personal and professional development in significant ways, and last but not least, is travelling. And, If you were a coffee people the reward seems very greater and direct that you are learning by doing in the real place, material, and situation which you can’t find it in the coffee classroom. It is similarity to Q Processing Leverl II & III as my belief.

future in your hand

We are expanding our volunteer possibility in phase II by partner up with our neighboring countries: Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Guatemala for project I & II. (Coming soon)

more information or planing your visit

email us at volunteer@coffeeproducergroups.org

Baan Pang-M-O
An amazing topical rain-forest in Thailand at altitude 1,000 ++ meters above sea level.

pick a KINDHEARTED projects

project I

coffee processing

Life Work Experience Degree

project II

coffee farmer exchange

project iii

coffee education

Knowledge Sharing Degree

project iv

coffee quality project

Certified Coffee Quality Degree

Special work towards particular needs that we are partner up with Coffee Quality Institute and many organizations worldwide.

(Coming Soon)